About Me

My Journey

Medical Doctor šŸ©ŗ

Hello! Iā€™m a Jamaican Medical Doctor who started my medical school journey in 2016 received my BMSc (Bachelor of Medical Sciences) in 2019 and finally completed my MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) in 2021. I am currently pursuing my MSc in Management in the United Kingdom at Loughborough University pending October 2023.

Business šŸ’°

Throughout my educational journey I had a keen interest in business and investing. I have been an avid investor for over 5 years and currently am the Director of Mango Finances. I also loved working at content creation and website design for various different industries including my own self-founded badminton academy.

Burning Passions

Medical Content šŸ‘Øā€āš•ļø

Content creation, especially medical-related information has become one of the main ways I spend my time. With my background in healthcare I love to create content that would help reach a wider audience to influence positive change.

Investments šŸ“Š

One of my main passions involves investing in both US and International Stocks. I have ensured a focus on proper asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing. Using the philosophy of passive investing, I aim to optimise my investment portfolio to minimise fees and capitalise on growth in varying industries both in the US and Internationally. 

Badminton šŸø

Another one of my main passions outside of work is my commitment to the sport of badminton. I have been playing semi-professionally for over 15 years where I have competed at both the national and international level. Notable achievements include  4 times National Jamaica Champion, receiving the National Award for Badminton Player of the Year (2019) and competing at the 2015 Pan-American Games.

What Services Do I Offer

My comprehensive services include a diverse range of specialized skills tailored to empower and elevate your healthcare business. With my unique blend of medical expertise and business acumen, I am committed to delivering excellence in the following areas:


Business Investing

Harness healthcare investment opportunities with my guidance – bridging medical knowledge and financial acumen.


Healthcare Consultancy

Boost healthcare operations with strategic planning and regulatory compliance advice, optimizing patient outcomes.


Medical Articles

Need medical articles? I provide engaging, accurate and SEO-friendly medical articles, backed by medical expertise. I breakdown hard to understand concepts.


Medical Content

Transforming research and articles into accessible medical content. I create engaging, accurate and social media-friendly medical content.