Marketing Consultant | Medical Writer | Content Creator


Medical Devices

PocDoc is a Cambridge-based HealthTech startup that has raised over £5 million in seed funding and specializes in Personal Diagnostics. The company has garnered multiple awards, including three Innovate UK and a MedTech Breakthrough Award, and has formed key partnerships with NHS Digital, National Pharmacy Association and PATH for digital COVID-19 and polio testing.

My Role

Podcast Manager

HealthTech Hour

HealthTech Podcast

HealthTech Hour is the biggest LIVE HealthTech radio show in the UK. LIVE, every Tuesday at 1pm on UK Health Radio, hosted by Steve Roest, then syndicated out on all major streaming services (Spotify, Audible, Apple and A-Cast).

My Role

  • Reviewed and analyzed interviews from the LIVE Healthtech shows to extract key insights, highlights and collaborators.
  • Produced video clips focusing on specific topics from the podcast on all platforms, enhancing content accessibility for our audience.
  • Managed and curated content for HealthTech Hour’s social media channels.
  • Directly reported with host and CEO Steve Roest to ensure content relevance and agreements with collaborators.

Founder's Associate | Content Creator

Mara Health

Healthcare Consulting

Mara Health acts as a bridge between start-ups and growth stage companies in the health tech and digital health space, connecting them with their important stakeholders including customers, clinicians and healthcare organisations.

My Role

  • Served as a medical consultant, guiding healthcare companies’ outreach strategies to medical communities.
  • Medically advised, ensuring healthcare companies’ content and communications were medically accurate and compliant with industry standards.
  • Managed and strategized branding and content for Mara Health’s social media platforms, and website amplifying our digital presence.
  • Curated medical articles and content, ensuring medical accurate for targeting specific audiences .
  • Spearheaded LinkedIn outreach initiatives targeting B2B clients, leading to significant growth in our professional network.

Project Manager | Medical Writer | Content Creator

Premier Optical Ltd.

Optical Store and Ophthalmologist Practice

Premier Optical is a full-service ophthalmologist office located in Kingston, Jamaica. We offer comprehensive eye care and a wide range of eyewear. The team comprises top-tier ophthalmologists, opticians, eye-glasses, and surgical technicians.

My Role

  • Created successful radio campaigns, physical event and social media campaigns aimed at brand awareness.
  • Helped to restructure the physical location and manage patient operations after an unfortunate fire causing $200 million dollars JMD in damage in 2022.
  • Achieved over 300% customer acquisition growth through marketing campaigns and designing the new company website.
  • Recruited and managed staff for secretarial positions, optical technicians, graphic designers and social media managers.

Project Manager | Medical Writer | Content Creator

Dr. Man Gue Chin

Ophthalmologist Practice and Optical Store

Dr. Man-Gue Chin is a trusted and licensed Ophthalmologist in Kingston Jamaica with over 30 years of experience in professional eye care services.

My Role

  • Created and designed website, social media platforms and content resulting in proper SEO ranking on Google.
  •  Sourced wholesale eyeglasses and products within allocated monthly budget
  • Responsible for writing  medical articles in addition to making related social media content optimized for SEO for local target audiences.


Jamaica Badminton Academy

Sporting Academy / Sporting Good Resale

The Jamaica Badminton Academy is the most prominent badminton academy in Jamaica. We provide the ultimate sporting experience for all ages. Our goal is to make badminton accessible to everyone, regardless of experience level, and we take pride in being 100% beginner-friendly

My Role

  • Created the largest badminton academy in Kingston, Jamaica which facilitated over 500+ students during my final year of medical school.
  •  Managed a team of coaching professionals to deliver high-quality badminton programs to 10+ Preparatory and High schools.
  • Managed performance,  budgets and marketing campaigns while initially personally creating all website design and social media content.
  • Collaborated with a German Badminton Supplier, Oliver Brand, to become Kingston, Jamaica’s largest local distributor of badminton supplies.

MSC Management

Loughborough University

School of Business and Economics | Loughborough University

I will graduate on track with a distinction in MSc Management in October 2023